Salon des Nouvelles Realites, Avenue du President Wilson, Paris

Galerie Jourdain, Paris

Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Tokyo

etc… with ‘Atelier 17’ Liverpool Academy

Temples in Kyoto, in Japanese ink paintings

Picton Library, with Jane McCormack of personal and collective works under the name of ‘Collective Phenomena’, 1991, Liverpool

Warehouse St Henry: exhibition of personal and collective works under the name of ‘Emergence’, 1992, Liverpool

‘Collective Phenomena’, La Fonderie, under auspices of John Calder, Paris, 1994

‘Collective Phenomena’, Great Georges Project, 1996, Liverpool

‘Collective Phenomena’, Steiner Theatre, London.    Planet Tree Music Festival, 1998

‘Collective Phenomena’, October Gallery, London.   Planet Tree Music Festival, 2000