By Helen Prescott

(from the funeral service)

I would like to pay a tribute to dear Fanchon with this dedication. All of us here are her friends. We loved her and had great respect and admiration for her the elegant, attractive, lovely lady she was. Fanchon has come to the end of her rainbow after a long creative and productive life.
Her friends were many and truly international. She had friends worldwide: Germany, America, France and her in the UK, London and especially the North West and Liverpool her chosen city. I was at a conference many years ago in Austria and on relating to a delegate that I lived in Liverpool, he asked me if I knew Fanchon Frohlich? He was from Portland, Oregon.
All the world’s leading philosophers and other amazing people have been to Greenheys Road including Anthony Flew, David Pears, Richard Wollheim, Francis Huxley, many Jungians and John Cage. As chair of the Liverpool University Philosophy Society for many years, I invited them all to Liverpool and put them up with Fanchon. John Cage invited her to visit him in New York.
Fanchon reached those parts and people others only dream of. Fanchon had an unforgettable magic and presence about her and she left an immediate impression on all she met and was close to so many. People often say of someone that they were a ‘special one’ but this was very true of Fanchon who exuded an aura everywhere she went. Even her nurse said it of her the day before F passed away.
Today we are sharing in our love of Fanchon, a delightful, very colourful and charismatic individual. We recognise her as a special, unique, interesting and eclectic person, who enjoyed life, eating in her favourite cafes and mingling with friends and associates. Her many qualities were both varied, fine and immense. She held the good values of an earlier generation.
She had enthusiasm for and a lifelong interest in philosophy, art, music and literature. She had an intelligent, engaging and searching mind all her life. She was a free thinker right to the end. She loved the company of stimulating people who shared her many passions. But people of all backgrounds liked Fanchon.
Over many years she enjoyed trips to see films at FACT, going to the theatre and opera and immersing herself in her books and the art scenes of Liverpool, Paris and London. She was an accomplished artist and published writer in her own right. Only a few years ago she went to Prague to meet friends and for many years she had a studio in Paris.
She survived her beloved husband Herbert by many years. We salute you dear Fanchon for your talents, affection, warmth and friendship. We have lost someone dear to us but will always remember Fanchon with tenderness for the remarkable person she was. Fanchon will always be part of us. There was only one Fanchon. Her sincerity, support and comfort will live in our hearts forever.